Solving for Tomorrow: Engineering Resilient and Sustainable Futures

We steer your business towards a future where growth and sustainability go hand in hand. As a collective of problem solvers and industry researchers, our team brings a depth of technical expertise and a comprehensive approach to unlocking your enterprise’s full potential in the digital era.

Our philosophy is centered on enhancing cultural resilience, fostering collaboration, and promoting social innovation, seamlessly integrated with strategic design and technology adoption. We serve as a results-driven partner, merging the insights of a mentor with the precision of a strategist, all aimed at enacting tangible solutions.

Committed to fostering sustainable growth, we employ scientific methods tailored to your business’s specific needs, marrying an entrepreneurial spirit with a pragmatic, data-informed strategy.

Key Research Areas

Circular Economic Models

Design Molecule enhances your business by streamlining operations, focusing on practical and scientific methods to improve efficiency and productivity. Our strategy is rooted in the latest research and macro trends, aiming to optimize your resources and processes for better outcomes. We help you implement smart, sustainable changes that make a real difference to your bottom line, ensuring your business is equipped to thrive in a competitive landscape.


Design Molecule offers technical consulting for the mining industry, focusing on sustainable extraction and efficiency. We tackle environmental and operational challenges, guiding clients towards innovative practices that improve resource utilization and minimize impacts. Our emphasis is on enhancing mining processes and safety through technology and data strategies. Providing insights and tools for responsible operations, we assist businesses in meeting regulatory standards and increasing productivity.

Clean Tech

Design Molecule contributes to the clean tech sector through focused technical consulting, assisting businesses in understanding and implementing green technologies. Our work centers on providing detailed analyses and practical strategies for integrating renewable energy solutions into existing systems. With a thorough approach to technical challenges, we help clients navigate the path towards sustainability, emphasizing the technical nuances of clean tech adoption. Our role is to support businesses in making informed decisions, enhancing their operations with sustainable practices grounded in technical expertise.


The integration of advanced machinery and robotics into business operations marks a significant leap towards enhancing efficiency and reducing production times. Automation is not just about adopting new technologies; it’s about making informed decisions on their practicality and impact. Design Molecule specializes in systems integration expertise, offering a nuanced approach to automation. We assist companies in determining the most effective use of these technologies, focusing on seamless adoption and the strategic alignment of automated solutions with business objectives, ensuring technology serves their specific needs and goals.

Hydrogen Economy

Design Molecule aligns its efforts with stakeholders in the field of hydrogen energy, recognizing the collective journey towards renewable solutions. Our role involves thoughtful exploration and application of hydrogen as a complement to existing energy systems. We focus on collaboration and knowledge sharing to foster sustainable hydrogen practices, aiming to contribute to a broader understanding and implementation. By working together with industry partners, academic institutions, and environmental organizations, we strive to support the responsible growth and integration of hydrogen energy into a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Autonomous Vehicles

The advent of self-driving cars represents a pivotal shift in transportation and logistics, promising significant time and cost savings while introducing new operational challenges. As these technologies move from conceptual to practical applications, the implications for business models and daily operations are profound. Design Molecule offers expertise in systems integration for autonomous vehicle technologies, guiding companies through the complexities of adoption and integration. Our focus is on helping businesses navigate the potential impacts and benefits, ensuring a smooth transition into future transportation models that align with industry-specific needs and objectives.

Advanced Manufacturing and Design

Our research at Design Molecule focuses on navigating the multifaceted realms of advanced manufacturing and design, emphasizing Lean principles, value engineering, and designing for excellence. We’re committed to adopting emerging technologies and manufacturing processes to enhance industrial efficiency and technical product management. By exploring these various dimensions, our goal is to develop optimized solutions that address the complexities of modern production environments, ensuring our clients achieve sustainable success and a competitive edge.

Sustainable Housing

In the realm of housing, the shift towards sustainability and energy efficiency is both a necessity and a challenge. Design Molecule contributes by providing guidance on eco-friendly practices that are mindful of budgets. We focus on creating work and living spaces that adopt sustainable measures to significantly reduce energy use and operational costs over time. Our role is to support clients in exploring and implementing practical, sustainable housing strategies, offering insights that balance environmental responsibility with financial viability.

Food and Water Security

As climate change intensifies, the imperative to safeguard food and water resources grows. At Design Molecule, we contribute by offering strategies that aim to maintain the accessibility and sustainability of these essential resources. Our work involves collaborating with stakeholders to address the challenges posed by a changing climate, focusing on practical measures to ensure long-term food and water security. Recognizing the potential for resource scarcity, we strive to support initiatives that prepare and adapt to future needs, prioritizing the resilience of communities and ecosystems.

Technology Transfer Mechanisms

Design Molecule offers services in facilitating technology transfer mechanisms, aiming to strengthen supply chain resilience. Our work bridges the divide between innovative research and its commercial application, focusing on enhancing operational flexibility and environmental sustainability. We guide stakeholders through capacity-building efforts, enabling the practical implementation and utilization of new technologies. Our role is to help clients navigate and harness the potential of technology transfer, contributing to more resilient and efficient supply chains.

Software Models

The right software levels up any corporation’s internal systems and practices—but often requires a specialized program customized and fitted to the work requirements of your particular company and field. Whatever your needs, Design Molecule can help you plan, and will connect you with the developers who will make this a reality.

Open Engineering

Electrical, mechanical, computer, and civil engineers provide open-source resources to heighten and further their work. Corporate and manufacturing innovations often come with access to the right knowledge and the ability to solve a particular problem in a particular moment. Design Molecule is ready to help guide the way.

Digital Twins

Design Molecule offers advisory and implementation services to facilitate the development and application of digital twin technologies in industrial settings. Our approach emphasizes solving challenges through strategic design and adoption of digital twins, enhancing digital engineering practices for precise replication of physical systems and assets. We assist organizations in scaling their digital twin efforts and utilizing these tools for in-depth asset maintenance and management, improving operational efficiency and decision-making processes. By navigating the complexities of digital twin technology, we empower clients to optimize their critical infrastructure projects, achieving superior sustainability and performance.

Industry, Innovation and Architecture

The evolution of our work and living environments is at the core of modern industry, innovation, and architecture’s future. Design Molecule actively engages with these transformative changes by exploring how technology and design can fundamentally redefine the spaces we inhabit. Our focus is on significantly enhancing the functionality, efficiency, and sustainability of these spaces, ranging from rooftop green areas to advanced smart offices and homes. We collaborate with visionary architects and builders to open new pathways for working and living, aiming to substantially improve the quality of our daily lives. Our ultimate goal is to support the creation of spaces that are not only innovative and forward-thinking but also deeply responsive to the evolving needs and aspirations of society.